So, what's next?
By Maxwell A. Quinn

Leah O'Brien-Amico has seemingly done it all. Go to her website - - and print her list of accomplishments and then make sure you're there to put paper into your printer.

Of course, there are the three Olympic Gold Medals. And the three NCAA Championships with the University of Arizona. And the countless national championships and awards. And the hitting records. And “the catch.”

So, what's next?

Whatever that might be - Leah is ready.

She's made a commitment to the Chicago Bandits of the NPFL - the National Professional Fastpitch Softball League.

The eight teams of the NPFL, comprised of elite players from college and Olympic ranks, play in June, July and August.

Or, those plans might take a back seat to something a bit more maternal. Leah, who has one son, Jacob, with her husband Tommy, is very clear about what she wants. “My heart and desire is have a child,” she says.

Or, she might be a motivational speaker and conduct clinics around the country - something which gives her great satisfaction and joy. “I love speaking. I'm not as polished as some other speakers, but I know when I share from my heart, someone out there is touched.”

“Wherever He wants me to go, I am willing.”

She takes her medals with her when she speaks, and lets people feel them and wear them. “I tell them,

'Feel how heavy they are.' And when I see others getting excited about the medals, it gives me joy all over again. I remember standing on the platform and watching them raise the flag and it was all about the United States. And I cried tears of joy for all those who had helped me get there - my parents and coaches and friends.”

So, what's next?

Even to ponder such a question is surprising to Leah, who never dreamed her life would take the direction it has. A tomboy, who loved sports and was always out playing, she started pitching at the age of eight. And she loved it. “You know how parents are always pushing their kids to go to practice?” she asks. “I was the one pulling my parents.”

But to travel the world? And to hold the gold? And to be sought after as a speaker? And to have a message to share? Not in her wildest dreams.

“I thought playing softball was cool. You could get your college degree, but that's it. In fact, when I was 17 or so we played the national team. Some of the girls were probably in their mid-20's. I thought they were so old. I said to some of my teammates, 'If I'm still playing after college, shoot me.' I never dreamed I would have a life like this.”

So, what's next?

Actually, that question was answered in 1995. Leah had been invited to a Bible study by a teammate, Julie.

“When I was in college I was offended when people asked me if I had a relationship with Jesus. I was going by the whole 'good person' thing. Then I went to the Bible study and realized I didn't have a foundation.”

Leah's passion to share her relationship with Jesus began to grow and grow, and when Julie, the teammate who had invited her to attend the Bible study, died in her sleep, Leah's passion became fully ignited.

“I know when I share from my heart, someone out there is touched.”

“That's what pushed me over,” she says. “When I realized how short life is, I knew I needed to share my faith as much as possible. Now, I share my faith all the time. My friends all know that's who I am.”

So what's next? Only God knows. And Leah is ready to follow where He leads. “God has prepared me for this time”, she states with the enthusiasm that pours from her. “Wherever He wants me to go, I am willing.”

No matter what's next.