Early artwork for Randy's truck

Randy at a recent NASCAR event

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By Maxwell A. Quinn

What does a sports-minded kid from Canada dream of becoming? Most dream of becoming a hockey player – playing right wing for the Toronto Maple Leafs, or between the pipes, wearing the fabled sweater of the Montreal Canadiens.

Not Randy MacDonald.

Originally from Oshawa, which is just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Randy became fascinated with cars and racing as a child. “It was my dream to become a NASCAR champion,” says MacDonald.

When he turned 16, Randy and his neighbor purchased a 1972 Chevy Chevelle and competed at a local short track. And Randy’s race life had begun.

From those humble beginnings, Randy has since made his way to top ranks of NASCAR competition, having made 5 Winston Cup starts to date.

With an honors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, which he pursued for one purpose, “to learn how to build faster race cars,” as he states, Randy has parlayed his extensive knowledge of the mechanical aspects of racing into a successful 24 year racing career. MacDonald’s career has not been without significant injury, but his competitive fires keep bringing him back.

Now, Randy focuses on another race as well.

“I have accumulated several trophies and won many honors. I have enjoyed the privilege of racing in NASCAR’s top level, against the best stock car drivers in the world at famous racetracks with huge crowds.

“Somewhere along the line my priorities became confused. Racing had become my god. I’m still racing, but I have learned to put God first. He has promised to make me a winner in life’s race through following Him.”

Randy’s goal is now to come to the end of the race, the most important race, the race of life, and finish a winner.