All For One And One For All With Kevin Hunter

Sports Spectrum: The 1998 Yankees hold the best record in baseball and one of the best records in the history of the game. What does it mean to you to be a part of this great team?

Darren: It's an honor to be a part of something like this and especially to have an opportunity to make history here.

Chad: To accomplish what we've accomplished so far—it's been a lot of fun. We have a goal of playing in the World Series. No matter how good the season goes, it's not really going to be special unless we finish it off.

Andy: It's great to win the games, and we're on pace to be one of the greatest teams ever. But it's all for naught unless you're able to win the World Series. We saw last year how you can be a pretty solid team and get knocked out in the playoffs.

SS: In the middle of such a great season, do you feel less pressure because you know you're assured of a postseason berth?

Joe: I think every game is important. To take a day off mentally or physically is really out of character for us. Each game is important to us. We take every pitch seriously. The wins are a product of that.

Scott: One of the strengths of the team has been that none of us has taken things for granted. Coming out of spring training, we knew we were a talented team that should have had a lot of success. But we didn't come into this with the attitude that we were going to walk out there and things were just going to happen. We've been a focused team all year long. Our success has been a product of our ability to treat each game like it's the biggest game of the year.

SS: What are some other factors in this team's success?

Chad: One of the main things is confidence, and confidence is such a major part of baseball. We've jelled together as a team to where we not only have confidence in ourselves, but we have confidence in each other.
We have such a large group of guys who are unified through something that's much larger than baseball. We hold that as more important.

SS: Not only are you a great baseball team, but you also have a strong Christian presence. What led to this phenomenon on the Yankees?

Andy: This year has been a great year! Chad had the idea of getting together and having devotions every day before batting practice. We have Bible studies on the road. There's nothing better for Christian brothers than to fellowship together. You know you're talking with someone who really cares about what's going on in your life.

Chad: It's something the Lord laid on my heart early—it's a truth from His Word. Wherever two or more are assembled, the body of Christ is present. So many times when there's a group of Christians you focus on the things that are different, and it splinters the group. What we've been able to do through the power of Christ and His Word is to unify ourselves by the common bond we have and not focus on the things that would divide us and play into the enemy's hands. We focus on how we're like-minded, and how to move forward as one body so we can do the work He has set before us.

SS: What spiritual activities do you do on a regular basis to remain strong?

Darren: Chad has a group of tapes from Focus on the Family that takes us back to Jerusalem and the Promised Land. They take us into places where Jesus did His ministry and where things happened in the New Testament and in the Old Testament. We usually get together and do that the second day in every city.
About 20 minutes before stretching, we read a devotional and take prayer requests and pray. And it's not just one guy, we have the whole group. Sometimes people feel out of place praying aloud in front of other guys, but everybody in here is looking toward the same goal. That's what's unique—there's no shyness.
When you're sitting on the bench, there's fellowship there. When I'm in the bullpen—there's fellowship there. It seems that God has placed us and dispersed us throughout this team. From the coaching staff, to the people who work in the clubhouse, to those in the bullpen, to the starting staff, to the relievers, to the regular players—it's amazing how we've all mixed in and unified and lifted one another up.

Chad: One thing that's unique about our fellowship is that we have not sequestered ourselves into a group and said, "this is us and that is them." We've tried to be intentional about ministering to those who aren't in the group right now.
It's exciting that we're doing this interview today because last night we had two guys in our group who had the opportunity to witness to a third guy, and he received the Lord last night. The names aren't as important as the fact that a soul is entered into eternity!
We're not looking at God as some type of good-luck charm. We're trying to fulfill the commission that He's put before us—to teach and to preach and to make disciples. We've seen proof of that this year since some of the guys have accepted the Lord. That's where the real glory is!

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