Over nine years ago, I walked off the Superdome field in New Orleans celebrating a National Championship as a Florida Gator. As I'm watching the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the tattered dome now serves as a reflection of the devastated city, which includes both my home and ministry.

The major break in the now infamous 17th Street Canal was near my home in the Lakeview area, and my wife and I saw a photo of our entire block flooded up to the roofs. As we evacuated New Orleans with only a handful of things (photos, insurance papers and a few clothes), we never imagined everything we owned could disappear so quickly. But we've been reminded of the differences between "needs" and "wants," and unlike many others in New Orleans, my wife, son and I are thankful to still have each other. God has and is supplying all of our needs. We are indeed blessed!

But now our focus is on helping those less fortunate. Please join me and the Desire team as we work tirelessly to assist others rebuilding their homes, families and their lives. This website should have all the updates and information you need. As we've been overwhelmed with love and support from the extended family and friends of DSM, we give praise to God for His goodness. While tragedies can bring out the worst in people, it also brings out the best. Thank you!

God Bless,
Danny Wuerffel