The Remarkable Words Inscribed on My Super Bowl Ring
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John Wooden Remembers
Personal Development - Coaching - Success - Faith - Leadership - Death - continued

The Right Thing
Well done good and faithful servant. A remembrance of Ernie Harwell.. continued

A Rememberance of Reggie White

His picture popped up on the screen. Underneath scrolled the years of his life: 1961-2004. Reggie White, the Minister of Defense, was dead at the age of 43. READ MORE

Dwight Howard | Shaun Alexander | Trot Nixon | Tony Dungy | Eddie Taubensee

What binds these five men together? They're seemingly so different. They're active and retired...African-American and Causcasian...they even play, or played, different sports. One of them was MVP of his league. Three of them were first-round draft choices. One won a championship. One holds an all-time record for his league. One is just getting started.

So what is it that binds them together? What could these five men have in common. Click on their stories, and find out.