Gary Carter was the Sporting News Rookie of the Year in 1975. He played in 11 All-Star games winning the MVP in 1981 and 1984. A three-time Gold Glove winner, he also captured the Silver Slugger honor five times. His 324 home runs rank him fourth on the all-time list for catchers. He is the National League record holder for games caught with 2,056, third all-time. Gary is one of four catchers in history to have accomplished over 2,000 hits, 1,000 runs scored, 300 home runs and more than 1,200 RBI's. He has been the color commentator for the Florida Marlins and President of Baseball Chapel since 1993. Gary and his wife Sandy have three children, Christy, Kimmy and D.J.



Gary Carter

I want to tell you about the most important thing in my life. I'll tell you right off, it's not baseball. The story goes back to when I was a kid...

For as long as I can remember I loved sports. My dad started tossing a baseball to me when I was just 13 months old! In school I played basketball, football and baseball, whatever sport was in season.

The Montreal Expos drafted me out of high school, and it led to the decision that forever changed my life.

In spring training I met another catcher named John Boccabella. He taught me a ton about baseball. But what really stood out to me was how he lived his life. There was something different, something good, honest and right about how John acted. I discovered what that special "something" was:

He told me about how he could tackle hard problems in life, how he could experience true inner peace that really lasted, and how he found a true sense of self worth. The secret to all of this, he said, was a personal relationship with God through knowing Jesus Christ.

I found what I had been looking for in life...

Not long after meeting John, I gave my life to God. I realized how much God loved me, and accepted Jesus into my life. Since that day, everything in my life has taken on a new meaning. I have learned I don't have to run away from my problems, because God gives me the power to face up to them and solve them. Even when I'm disappointed, God still gives me the strength to go on. He'll bring good out of any situation in life.

You can experience God's power just like I did by reading the Bible and doing what He says. In the Bible, God has promised to give you confidence, security, boldness, courage, love for others, and many other things -- if you will simply ask Christ to come into your life.

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