Ryan Walter

So you want to be a superstar. Not necessarily a pro athlete, but definitely the best on your team. You need all the advice you can get. Who should you talk to? Someone who's been there, right?

So sit down at the table with CTV Sportsnet colour commentator and retired NHL star, Ryan Walter. Ask to look at his Stanley Cup ring. Ask about that season he scored 38 goals with the Washington Capitals. Ask him about the secret to his success.

With 15 seasons in the NHL, time spent traveling with the Vancouver Canucks as a broadcaster, and years of coaching, he's more than qualified to answer your questions.

Plus, he knows what it's like to follow hard after Jesus, despite fame and fortune constantly tugging at his jersey. The young NHL star who surrendered his life to God because he was afraid of dying in a plane crash has grown into a passionate follower of Christ.

Now, he considers your question about the secret to his success. He leans forward in his chair, looks you in the eye and this is what he says, "Nothing will happen without a few basic things. First, preparation. If you don't prepare, you won't win. If I didn't work out 5 days a week during the off-season to prepare for training camp in September, I wouldn't make the team. People want the glory, but seldom do they remember to put in the hours."

"Another thing is enthusiasm. Nothing great ever happens without some eagerness and excitement. You can go to school or play a sport or work at your job, but unless you actually have the desire to be there, it's pointless. I haven't seen many champions who've won without enthusiasm."

"Don't forget to give credit where credit is due. John Wooden, the best basketball coach in U.S. college history said, "Every time you score a basket, always turn and point to the player who passed you the ball." Jesus did that too. Every time glory came to Him, He pointed people to His Father. When you deflect credit, you build up your team."

"Finally, character is probably the most important. I love players who are humble in victory, but confident in play. As a Christian, I need to be humble. That was Jesus' approach, and that's what the Bible asks of us. Successful athletes are totally humble on the outside, but still confident in their talent and skill on the inside."

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