Dale Jarrett

I grew up in a Christian home, my parents made sure that we were in church, but as I grew up I got side tracked and didn't live my life as I should. But things changed when I started driving for Joe Gibbs, here was and is a man that is very strong in the Lord and his influence on me helped get my life back to where it should be. My wife and I dedicated our lives to the Lord and we know that our children are growing up in a Christian home and that they have Christian friends. There's a lot of different ways to live your life but there's only one right way and that's to live for the Lord.

It is my faith in the Lord that has gotten me through the loss of Dale Earnhardt. I believe Dale is in a better place, we are all going to that better place when you have Christ in your life. It's that faith that gets me through, knowing Dale had a wonderful life and that he believed in Christ.

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