Randy Tolsma

My testimony is a little different because both my wife and I came to know the Lord about the same time, but from completely different circumstances. Neither of us grew up in a Christian home. My family believed that there was a God – we just didn’t know anything about Him. Both my parents were saved as kids but there was no discipline from there on, so they didn’t learn anything. We really didn’t attend church.

As I got older, my go-cart races were always on Sunday. In school, I was embarrassed when anyone brought up Jesus or the Bible because I didn’t know anything about either subject. And I’m one who doesn’t like to be on the outside.

Still, it was a happy childhood; I had a functional, loving family. Everything was on track by the time I was a teenager. My racing career was going well and I won a lot: I was a star athlete from Little League baseball to high school football.

I truly believed that there was a God. I had a yearning. I knew there was a purpose for all of us on this earth, and that there had to be more out there than just racing. I wanted to know more. My biggest drawback was that I didn’t know anything about church, so I was uncomfortable going.

I began to work at a shop where the boss and his daughter worked alongside me, and I soon discovered that they were both Christians. Gary Hall and Jennifer Boyd witnessed very subtly to me. They planted the seed. We’d talk a little bit. At one point they even laughed when I told them that I thought I would get to heaven because I was a good person. As kindly as they knew how, they told me that there is more to it than that. They were caring, loving people.

Gary went to a real structured church, while Jennifer was going to a Baptist church that was just starting out and meeting in a day-care center. I thought that kind of setting wouldn’t be quite as scary to go into. It was casual, it wasn’t formal – it was something I could handle. Jennifer invited me and my wife, Tiffanie and we went.

Baptists of course, always have the same salvation message. It gave me questions. The next Saturday, the pastor and his wife came to our house. We talked and asked questions for quite a while. And when Tiffanie and I were both ready, we accepted the Lord that day.

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