Darrell Waltrip

I've been a Christian since 1983 but even then I was more interested in what Darrell Waltrip wanted than what God wanted. As I began to grow as a Christian I began to realize that there were more things in life more important than winning races and what I thought. I began to see that serving God needed to be first. God showed me just how blessed I was in having such a strong Christian wife and how chrildren are a true blessing as well. The most important thing to do is to pray and study the Bible. God can take your need and bless you as well as others around you if you put Him first. A need that Lake Speed, Bobby Hillin and myself had was to be able to study the Bible and have fellowship with one another as well as others and we watched God take that need and expand it into what MRO is today. A ministry that today covers auto, boat and motorcycle racing.

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