Chad Curtis OF
B-T: R-R
Ht.: 5'10"
Wt.: 185
Family: wife, Candace; children, Cori, Cassidy, Chad Jr.
Favorite Books: The Left Behind series
Favorite Singer: Rich Mullins
Life Goal: To know and do the will of God in my life.



Chad Curtis

I was gifted with the ability to play baseball in the major leagues and we live in a world that thinks that those type of things are what life is all about. Let's consider where that gift came from. I know that it was given by God, the Creator of the universe. The great thing is that we have the ability to worship the Giver of the gift instead of the gift itself. I believe that the Bible is the inspired, perfect Word of God and as we read and study it we can learn more about the things that are really important. Like having a personal relationship with God's Son, Jesus. The Bible states that no one can enter heaven unless they are identified with Jesus and the work that HE did (John 14:6). Nothing we do can be good enough for us to get there on our own (Ephesians 2:8-9). We must accept Jesus' sacrifice for us in order to pass the judgement that awaits us (Romans 6:23). Some people say that sounds harsh but I say it is love. God knew we couldn't do it on our own so He GAVE us the way. All we have to do is accept the TRUTH for our own (John 3:16). I personally am thankful for that and want to spend the rest of my life here on earth serving this God who loves us so much. If you want to know more about this personal relationship call 1-800-NEED-HIM and you will receive help.

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