Jerry Don Gleaton began his baseball career with the Texas Rangers. He has also pitched for the Seattle Mariners, Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals, Detroit Tigers and the Pittsburgh Pirates. He is active in the Pro Athletes Outreach ministry and resides in Brownwood, TX.




Jerry Don Gleaton

As a youngster growing up in the small town of Brownwood, TX, I loved sports and played whatever was in season.

While I excelled at baseball, I never really aspired to play professionally because I knew very few made it to the big leagues.

Our high school didn't have a baseball program, so I played lots of summer league ball and became a pretty good player between the ages of 16 and 18. Much to my surprise, I was confronted by a scout who watched me pitch in a district tournament when I was a sophomore. Looking at the situation realistically, I figured that my chances of ever being drafted were still very slim.

With a few good seasons of summer ball behind me I took my talent to the University of Texas where I became an All-American and the Most Valuable Player of the Southwest Conference in 1979. Not only did I get drafted that year, but the Texas Rangers selected me in the first round (18th pick overall).

Having the opportunity to play professional baseball has been a wonderful experience for me, and I feel extremely blessed to be at the major league level.

As a pitcher my goal is to win or save as many games as I can while keeping my earned run average as low as possible.

As a person my top priority in life is pleasing the One who blessed me with all the talent that I have: Jesus Christ.

Why is that so important? The answer is simple: God created us to know Him through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and that's the only thing that will last beyond our lives here on earth. The material benefits and accolades that come with a professional baseball career become insignificant when we realize that our next breath could be our last.

Here's something to think about. Everything the world has to offer (money, luxuries, fame, etc.) is temporary. Everything we have and everything we are can be wiped out in seconds, and if death knocks on our door tomorrow, what are we left with to enjoy? What can we take with us?

There are no second chances after this life. Death is the beginning of eternity. Do you know for sure where you will spend eternity when you die? You can be sure you if you invite Jesus into your life.

Perhaps you feel that you're not ready to make a decision for Jesus and that you'll have time to decide later. Consider this: my mother passed away when I was only eight years old, and my father died of a heart attack while watching a football game in Brownwood in 1986. And what if Jesus comes back to earth today and you're not ready? The truth is you are not promised tomorrow.

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