Tom Lampkin

When I was 15 and worked in the Seattle Mariners clubhouse, I thought playing major league baseball would be the coolest job in the world. I was fortunate enough to fulfill my dream thanks to a lot of hard work and perseverance or so I thought. Yeah, these things had something to do with it but it wasn’t until 1995 while playing with San Francisco, that I realized there was a stronger reason for my success. God the Father had plans for me and I realized it was His grace that landed me where I was, and that everything I had was a gift from Him. It was also then that I first figured out that God had a plan for me and He was using me to execute it.
After about 3 more years of going thru the motions and still not wanting to let go of certain worldly things, the reality of the truth finally hit me and it hit me hard.
From that moment on, literally in one moment, I desired to give my life back to the One who gave it to me and live it for Him as well.
There were certain areas of my life that changed overnight. The biggest and most meaningful was my relationship with my family. A renewed, euphoric feeling of what it meant to live.
I praise God everyday for giving a sinner like me a chance to experience a family as loving as mine, an opportunity to live out a fantasy like playing in the big leagues, and most importantly, a confirmation I will spend eternity with my creator in heaven.
If you have any questions or comments concerning my story, please feel free to contact me at God bless.

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