Scott McGregor pitches for the Baltimore Orioles. He and his wife Cara and their family live in Towson, MD.




Scott McGregor

Imagine yourself pitching in the seventh game of the World Series.

I can. I'll never forget what it was like to be on the mound for the Baltimore Orioles as we faced the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1979 Series. Even though we lost, most people don't know why I was able to smile.

I'd like to tell you the reason why...

It all started back in high school. As a pitcher, I was 51-4. In 1972 I was drafted by the New York Yankees, and I was on my way to the big leagues! For the first few years it was great. I got better, the team was winning, and I loved it.

In 1978 I was 15-12. My career was off to a great start. Then, during a game in June, 1979, my arm suddenly became sore. It got so bad, I couldn't even throw the ball to home plate. I had tendentious, and the doctors couldn't do a thing about it.

My career seemed over...

I was depressed and thought, "There has to be more to life than playing baseball and getting your picture on a bubble gum card."

I went home and it dawned me that my baseball career could end on one pitch -- and I had nothing to fall back on. Since I had no college education, I could be bagging groceries. The future seemed so unsteady. There had to be something more stable in life than this.

That's when I started going to baseball chapel and meeting some of the players who believed in god. The more I talked to them and observed them, the more I wanted the peace and happiness they had. As I began to pray and read the Bible I could feel a change happening inside. That June I turned to God and told Him "Something's missing in my life. I think it's You. I want that inner joy and peace I see in other players. I want You in my life."

You may ask, "Can God really change a person's life?" Yes, He can. He's changed my life in three very real ways. I always thought there had to more to life than being on earth for 60 or 70 years before you're buried in a pine box. Now, by knowing God, I have reason to live.

God will give you a new reason to live when you give your life to Him.

I never used to believe God could answer the prayers of millions of people talking to Him at once. Now I know He can.

God will answer your prayers if you ask for His will to be done.

I never wanted to be a Christian unless I could give my entire life to God. Today, everything I have belongs to God -- my family, baseball and my career after I retire.

God wants your entire life, because He has so much He wants to give you.

I wanted to win that seventh World Series game as much as anyone on our team. We may have lost that game, but I'll never lose my relationship with God. That's why I could smile even in the face of defeat.

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