Chris Singleton

Ever since the first time I saw a major league baseball game I dreamed of one day being out there on that field playing the game I loved in front of thousands of people. After being drafted out of college by the San Francisco Giants and spending five seasons in the minor leagues, the dream finally became reality. On April 3, 1999 I made my major league debut with the Chicago White Sox. It was an incredible feeling as I walked to home plate for my first at bat. That was a very special day in my life but really doesn’t compare with what happened to me on January 16, 1991. That was the day I came to understand that God loved me and had a plan for my life. He wanted to forgive me and cleanse me from a life of sin and make me into the man He created me to be. Since that day, I have been enjoying an intimate relationship with the One who hung the moon and the stars. With Christ my life is complete.

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