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Eddie Taubensee

A Bat and a Ball

Growing up in Orlando, FL, the favorable weather allowed me to play baseball all the time. The game was everything to me and, because both my parents worked, entertaining myself was important. I had a couple of good friends, played varsity baseball in high school, was named MVP and All Conference Player my junior and senior years.

In 1986 the Cincinnati Reds drafted me in the 6th round at only 17 years of age. I went on to play for the Cleveland Indians, the Houston Astros, and returned to the Reds in 1994. Two years later I was named Reds Player of the Month.

In Control?...NOT!

Until 1995, I believed in God, but did things my own way. If regret creeped into my heart and conscience, I simply asked for forgiveness and continued on my way. My destiny was in my control, or so I thought. At a PAO conference, my selfishness became painfully clear to me and I knelt to pray and ask Jesus to take control, to clean up my life and redeem the time that had been wasted.

Don't Wait, Avoid the Rush

Maybe you think you have to clean up your life before you get personal with Jesus...not so. None of us is good enough, don't wait to be perfect. He knows we're not and wants us anyway.

Since giving my heart to Christ, I see things clearly now. Reading the Bible used to seem like homework to me, now it makes sense. I read to learn about my best friend and God faithfully uses the Bible to tell me who He is. Now I want to "do my work heartily as for the Lord, rather than for men." (Colossians 3:23) on the baseball field and everywhere.

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