Dwight Howard

He's known as the "Man Child", a reference to his size and youth. Already a rebounding force, Dwight Howard is fulfilling the potential predicted for him when he was made the first overall pick in the 2004 draft by the Orlando Magic.

His accomplishments during high school, Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, which Dwight attended from kindergarten, are well noted. He was winner of the Naismith Award, the Morgan Wooten High School Player of the Year award, the McDonald's National High School Player of the Year award; he was named Mr. Basketball in the state of Georgia in 2004 and led his team the state championship.

Dwight finished his rookie year as the youngest player ever to average a double-double - 12 points and 10 boards a game. He is the youngest player, and the only rookie, ever to grab 20 rebounds in a game, and is the only player to start every game after making the jump from high school ball to the pros.

Dwight is also known for his evangelistic spirit. He considers the NBA his platform to share his relationship with Jesus Christ, even to the point of making public his dream that the NBA logo would include a cross. His unabashed enthusiasm for sharing his faith has caused some to suspect he is too "soft" to excel in the NBA, but he clears the boards with regularity.

Unlike other young NBA stars, who are branded with "street cred", Dwight is unassuming. His ride is not some tricked-out Hummer, but an old car his father bought for him years ago. And his favorite movie? Finding Nemo.

While some up-and-coming NBA stars dream of setting records and winning titles, Dwight is a bit different. Oh, he wants success on the court, no question. But there's something more important to him, and that's sharing his faith in Jesus Christ.

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