Steve de Souza

I had become successful in boat racing and things were going well. Then my sister needed a kidney transplant and it was discovered that I had the best match, so I gave up a kidney to my sister. As I was recovering in the hospital the doctor came in and told me that the kidney that they had taken had been scarred due to the roughness of my profession and that it was now a fact that I only had one kidney left and that if I was even involved in an accident it could be fatal. Well for me that wasn't a problem, I would have jumped back into a boat as soon as I could get out of the hospital and get to one. But it just so happened that my wife Missy was sitting there and she took in every word that the doctor said. So what do I do now? All my life my dream was to race boats and I was living a dream that just ended! But our faithful God never lets us down. And through prayer, God opened a door for me to get into auto racing with a group of guys that believe in prayer, men who are great mentors and who live by faith in God. Today I'm the Vice-President of Operations for Joe Gibbs Busch team. I'm still living a dream!

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