Stephen S.D.

Stephen S.D., better known as "Steve" is a body builder. His parents were very critical of his interest in this sport because they saw the sport being used by street gangs. Luckily, for Steve, his uncle saw his potential for a body building career and encouraged him in the sport. His parents stopped opposing him when they saw him win University and State trophies and so became his avid supporters.

Steve accepted Christ as a young boy. He learned a hard lesson for he falsely thought that if he feared God, God would make him do well in his high school exams. But he fared quite badly. The lesson he learned was that he has to do his part. God, however, opened other avenues for him where he has done well. He now coaches body builders and has started a number of fitness centers.

Steve makes an honest confession, "I became very successful in starting fitness centers all over Bangalore. My priorities changed. I began to allow money to dictate my decisions rather than depending on Jesus." His partners in business let him down. He ran up huge debts which finally forced him to close down all but one center. Desperate to pay off the loans he became involved in a second business venture. Confident that his name would attract business, he had banners placed everywhere that read, "Steve's Gym." To his discomfort, no one wanted to join his new center. He realized that once again he had placed himself in front of Jesus. When he allowed Jesus the rightful place in his life, his circumstances began to change and miracles began to happen. He was able to revive the old gym, the proceeds of which were enough to clear all debts. He began expanding his business, but at each step he looked to God for guidance. Today, Steve has over 7 centers and more in the making. He gives thanks to Jesus in whom he found the true source and meaning of power.

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