Jim Zorn

"What am I worth? Where is my value in the business world? How can I bring what I have learned on the football field too the marketplace? Am I really done with football altogether? What else can I do? Can I handle the change?

Questions like these come easily at a time like this when the prospect of a future with any professional football team looks bleak. I have played the game for over 12 years and have loved the whole experience. I have had the privilege of getting to know some fine people--players, coaches, owners, and others associated with football. I have also enjoyed the challenge of being faced with a long field, a few seconds left, and the game on the line.

The emotions associated with leaving the game are hard to handle. Thirty-four and over the hill? Come on, retire? You're kidding, aren't you? Wait a minute guys! Don't you realize who I am? I've got my statistics right here! Watch me throw! Look at what good shape I am in!

In these last few seasons I have come to realize that the game will go on without me, even with players on the field with less ability than I have. My friends on the team didn't even quit when I got cut!

True self worth...

The game goes on and so does my life. In fact, my family depends on me to get on with my life and to keep the commitments I have made to them as husband and father. Even more than that, I have the responsibility before God to productively use the gifts and abilities he has given me. As a Christian, I believe everything that happens in my life has purpose. Because of that, I know when my football career is over, God will have something else for me to do. My relationship with Christ continues in all of my life's circumstances.

My life with Christ has shown me that His truth is more important than my circumstances. God has said in His Word, the Bible, that I am a creation of His. I have value because He created me. My self worth is based solely upon what He has said. It is not based upon what a coach or a team thinks of me and my ability. There is a treasure in that thought because if my self worth is based on my circumstances, I must live like a slave to those circumstances. But if my self worth is based on what God has said, then I am free, free to live my life knowing that He has things under control, and that I can trust Him for guidance.

All is well!

There are many decisions I must make in the near future. These decisions will help determine the next step of my life. It would be frightening to think of making this next step without a relationship with Christ. Because of Christ's presence in my life, I know that I have the resources I need to make the best decision.

I have expressed some of the emotions and thoughts going on inside of me to show how I am dealing with this time of transition and also to encourage those of you who find yourselves in a similar position. For myself, I can truly say all is well! Whatever the future holds for me I can use all that I have experienced, put it in perspective, and use it to my benefit in the new opportunities that will come my way. I am open to listen and learn.

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