Ian Bishop

Ian Bishop, the fast bowler, was selected for the famed West Indian team. He believed it was an opening from God. Expectations were high as he strove to reach his full potential. But he found himself out of the game in 1990 because of a back injury.

It was now left to him to reconcile his conviction that God brought him into the team and the reality of his injury necessitating his withdrawal from the team. Now faced with injury, he wondered what God's plans were. In the midst of turmoil and uncertainty, Ian says, ‘Jesus gave me peace!"

After 10 months of recovery, Ian was back in the reckoning only to face injury a second time. People began to write him off. He was told to retire and choose another career. He says, "I decided to go to England to pursue my studies. While I was there God gave me a help-mate – my wife. She strengthened my faith and trust in God." He began to view his trial as a testimony of Jesus' faithfulness and his growth in his closer walk with Christ. He says, "Now, if I met someone in a similar, I would be In a position to encourage them and point them to the one who gave me peace and healing in the midst of pain." He also learned that joy is not found in fame or fortune, but in exalting Jesus. He says of his relationship with Jesus, "he must increase and I must decrease." He further affirms, "Now that Jesus is number one in my life, my identity is in my relationship with God. I am His child. My proprieties are right. His will is my will. Before I worked hard for excellence in cricket and ended up being very stressed. But now my body and mind are relaxed when I play, because I play to glorify Jesus."

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