Boeta Dippennaar (South Africa)

In 1992 I was at boarding school in the Free State and I had a teacher who had profound impact on my life and helped me to know what Jesus and the Christian life was all about.  From then on I  realized that there was no other way.  I found an immense amount of peace after I committed my life to Christ and acknowledged Jesus as the only way.

The Lord has given me a passion for cricket and I hope sincerely that I can use it to touch peoples lives and to be a shining example for Him.  

We need to be determined and realise  what our goal is so when we get those knocks and bumps in life we will be able to get up and continue our journey..

We need to be courageous as Christians and know what we stand for. We need to be bold and strengthen the areas where we seem to be weak.

It is a blessing that we can know the Lord so take that  leap of faith - you wont regret it one bit!

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