Romesh Kaluwithurana (Sri Lanka)

God means a lot to me.  I come from a family where God always had first place.  I have never lacked anything and know that whatever I ask He is able to supply. God is very importatnt in my life because I know whatever happens is God's will.

My wife is a commited believer who has been a great encouragement in my Christian life. We go to church regularly and read the Bible as a family.  

I  know God has given me this talent and I must use this talent which God has given me.  Life won't be a bed of roses all the time. I may fail in cricket but I know that I am not a failure in God's eyes and I am still confident that God is the source of my strength.

My goal in life is for me to be a better Christian than what I am now to get to know God better and to be an influence and witness to other people.

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