Henry Olonga (Zimbabwe)

At 19 years of age, Henry Olonga became the first black person to play test cricket for Zimbabwe and also the youngest. Since then, Olonga has become one of the country's fastest bowlers and is an inspiration for his countrymen. One reporter described Olonga as "quiet, humble, always obliging and altogether just the sort of sportsman one wants to see succeed."

.Several years ago Olonga realized that something wasn't right with his life in general. One night he came to a point of reckoning - with life and the One who created it. "I felt the deep conviction that I needed to put something right with the Lord." Said Olonga. "So I did and since my conversion have been living a victorious Christian life."

"I felt that God told me that through sport I would have the opportunity to speak to many people, and that He was going take me to many places an bless my ministry."

Now Olonga is a sportsman and spokesman on a mission with God

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