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One of the most sensational moments of the last World Cup was when Jonty Rhodes ran out Pakistani batsman Inzaman-ul-Haq with his now famous dive. This spectacular feat by the man regarded by many as the best fielder in cricket made Rhodes an instant celebrity. South Africa won that round robin match. It will always be remembered as Jonty's match, against the team that went on to become world champions in the tournament.

Through all this exposure, both as a batsman and fielder of international class, and as one of South Africa's finest hockey players, the enormously popular "Ferrett," as Jonty is known, has remained humble and grateful for his God-given talents.

As a teenager, Rhodes was confirmed in the Anglican church. "But that experience didn't mean much to me at the time," he remembers. "I was just a Christmas and Easter Christian. Those were the only times I'd go to church." Then he met Kate McCarthy. She was a very devoted follower of Christ and so were her mom and dad, Pauline and Alan. I saw the peace that Kate had with the Lord and I wanted that peace. I had just got into the Natal cricket and hockey teams at the time and I was feeling a lot of pressure. I was staying on my own and life was a real struggle. I remember thinking to myself one night: "Jonty you're going nowhere."

"I knew I needed the Lord in my life. I started going to a church in Pietermaritzburg. One night I caught the minister, Errol Jacobi, after the service and asked him for help. He took me into the cry room at the back of the church. It was kind of appropriate, because it was there that I cried my heart out to the Lord and gave my life to Him."

Jonty feels that his born-again experience all stems back to his meeting Kate, who is now his wife. "Now I know why the Lord put us together because she was one that set me on the right back."
Asked about the difference in his life since becoming a Christian . Jonty points out, "my personality has become more giving since becoming a Christian. You realize that you don't take the glory. Jesus gives a sense of purpose to your life and sporting career."

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