Eric Simons  (South African Coach)

I grew up in a Christian family where the Lord was very important in our family.  Becoming a Christian is a very personal thing and it is a personal commitment that one makes, and I made that personal commitment as a 18 year old.  I started growing as a Christian in my varsity years when I started really questioning Christianity and exploring it more and more.  Your faith needs to be a very practical thing it needs to be very relevant in everyday life. Christianity is a relationship and is very relevant in every day life. It helps guide one through the highs and lows of life.  It doesn't make life any easier but certainly helps one to have Someone to turn to when you need advice and guidance.

Having a faith gives one a meaning to life that helps you keep things in perspective, so that one can deal with not only the downs but also with the ups that you encounter in life.

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