Damon Allen

What were you doing 16 years ago? Maybe you were crawling. Maybe you weren't even a twinkle in your mother's eye. Whatever you were doing, it was probably quite different from what you do now.

That's not true for B.C. Lions quarterback, Damon Allen. He's doing the same thing today as he did back in 1985 when he signed with the Edmonton Eskimos – playing football. That's an extraordinarily long career in a business that's all about bone-crunching tackles and body-jarring hits. Why does he keep going back for more?

"My passion for the game has kept me playing," says Damon. "I really enjoy practicing and I really enjoy the game."

Professional football is no breeze – there are days of back-breaking practice, sweaty sessions in the weight room, endless hours of game video to review. Yet after all these years, Damon hasn't let the hard work get to him. "I try to keep my focus. I prepare mentally and physically and then I head out to the field to have fun."

Damon admits it's not always fun. "Whether we win or lose," he says, "I try not to lose the excitement for the game."

Love for the game and a commitment to hard work have been a winning combination for Damon. His name appears with the CFL elite for most passing yards in a career, most pass attempts and most pass completions. And with almost 300 games, 3,000 passes and two Grey Cup rings under his belt, Damon has proved his worth out on the field.

But he doesn't take credit for his accomplishments. "God has given me this talent, and I try not to take it for granted. He has a purpose for my life, part of that is football."

Damon is aware that football is only part of that plan. "When God changes your life, you're not ashamed to tell people how you use to be," remarks Damon. He is committed to sharing about his relationship with Jesus Christ with as many people as possible. That means letting his teammates know where he stands. "I'm never shy about asking guys to come to Bible studies and outreaches," says Damon. "It's important to let them know they're here on earth not just to have fun, but to know Christ."

"I understand," continued Damon, "that God has allowed me to play as long as I have. And I keep searching to find out what He wants me to do next. There must be more He has for me because He hasn't taken me out of the game yet."

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