The Way of an Eagle

by Bob Darden,
P. J. Richardson,
Robert Darden




Joe Jimenez

I was pretty much raised in a Christian environment from an early age. My folks were Catholic originally. When I was about 6 years old, they decided to join the Baptist church. My older brother, I think, was the first one to turn to the Baptist church, then my mother and father. I accepted the Lord when I was about 10 and was baptized then. I was raised with a lot of Christian boys and girls, including the Baptist ministers children, and we all became very good friends. And we still are. My mother was the strong one on the family, and she was always talking with us, telling us about our faith and our beliefs. I'd say I was in high school before I really learned more. In my mind, everything happened for a reason. I knew early that the Lord provides everything. One of the things that I couldn't see right away, but I found out later, was that with the Lord, everything is possible.
By the way, I married the ministers daughter too! She is a very strong believer; she reads her Scriptures every morning. Sometime I forget the readings, but I always thank the Lord for her and for everything He has provided for me.

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