The Way of an Eagle

by Bob Darden,
P. J. Richardson,
Robert Darden




Al Kelley

I was fortunate to have parents who went to church. My other was an organist for several years in the church. My father was a school teacher, a Sunday School teacher, and was also Sunday School superintendent at our church. So we were involved in church from the beginning.
As for my personal faith, I think I'm developing it all of the time. Whether I'm signing an autograph or playing an actual game, I try to keep God in my life. I keep involved where I can in the church. Nowadays I can't go to church every Sunday, of course, being on the Senior Tour. But this is where our chapel is so helpful because we otherwise don't get a chance to go to church. If I am playing great, I can make the early service a lot of Sundays. But sometimes I'm not playing so well and don't make it.
Still, you can build and grow in so many ways: the Tour Bible study, your own study of the Scripture, or just hearing a good message. There should be some variety in what we're getting. And we can certainly learn a lot.
I don't think it is easier being a Christian on the Tour, but I do think it might be harder because of the fact that you want to do the right thing. Sometimes there are situations in your golf game or wherever, that create negative feelings or aggravations. When you‘re out in public like this, you have to be on your best behavior to keep trying to go the straight and narrow way!
I try to witness by my actions. I haven't done as good a job as I'd like but I try to get people interested in the chapel service. And in part, because of my faith, I believe that if I didn't have the opportunity to keep playing, I could keep going on with my life and get into something else – and still be in golf to some extent.
For instance, my wife Norma and I are interested in Habitat for Humanity, so we'll probably be getting more into that in the days ahead. It's hard now because we're home for such short periods of time, so the situation really hasn't been right. Plus, my shoulder was bothering me over the winter of 1994-95, so I wasn't sure I was up to pounding nails then. But I think in the future we might be able to do that. We like to be able to help the less fortunate when we can.

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