The Way of an Eagle

by Bob Darden,
P. J. Richardson,
Robert Darden




Nancy Taylor

My father was career military. He spent thirty-three years in the Air Force, and we moved twenty-four times. We went to church when we were younger, but once we were teenagers, we were allowed to decide if we wanted to go. As a result, I didn't become a Christian until after college.
I think my faith was something that came together because of my good Christian friends in college. I went to the FCA meetings at the college tournaments – but I was caught up in doing the normal college things. God was on my mind, but I went on living a normal college life. I think it was my move to Tampa, where others reached out to me, that made the difference.
I moved from Arizona back to Florida to start playing on the mini-tours. A friend of mine who also plays on the Tour, Joan Delk, invited me to go to her church, so I went. That was July 1984. The Evangelism Explosion program was going on at her church, and they came out and visited me at my house afterward. I was out washing my car one day and these three people showed up and started asking me all these really profound questions. It took me by surprise.
But one of the questions they asked was, "if you were to die tonight, do you know for sure what you would go to heaven?" I kept looking at the hood of the car – you're never really ready for that kind of question! Finally I said, "I'm not really sure." All my life I'd been a pretty decent person. I had mostly done good things. But I wasn't sure.
He said, "well, you think about it. We'll come back tomorrow if you'd like."
So when they came back, the man who was asking the questions asked me the same question again. I said I didn't think I was ready to make that kind of commitment – it just seemed like a huge commitment to me. But they then patiently explained the gospel message to me – and I gave my life to the Lord that very night!
Everything was so new and so confusing; I wasn't really sure at first, but slowly the Lord started to get a hold on me.
Since then, my faith has had a dramatic impact on my career. Now I can't imagine being out here with out knowing Christ. It really makes you take step back and look and see where the non-Christians are coming from. It gives you a burden for them when you try to imagine life without Christ on the Tour.
Before I became a Christian, golf was everything in my life. My life was living and dying on golf. Golf was my god. Golf is still a priority in my life, but God is obviously the highest priority now.
Being out on the Tour gives me an opportunity that is very much of a challenge, because we're in a world that's within the real reality. Everything is thrown at you, including all kinds of temptations. It's a constant battle to be a servant and to keep your eyes on Christ out here because you're given or offered so many things.

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