Rockey McElveen

Nature Boy, No Way

My dad took our family to Alaska in 1957. We had no electricity, no running water and I hated having to hunt and fish for a living. Like any normal kid I wanted a T.V., electricity, running water, and a toilet that flushed. Without these things, I felt like I was missing out. To make matters worse, my dad took us there to start new churches and I figured if I had to follow a bunch of rules to please his Jesus, I wanted no part of it. At fourteen I left my home for California.


After two tours in Vietnam I went back to California and lived not far from Disneyland. Even though this was supposed to be the happiest place on earth, deep inside I really wasn't happy. My lifestyle was filled with fast times and parties. The people who reached out to me were my parents. My dad loved to write and he sent me his most recent book while I was still in CA. While reading it something clicked. I realized God wanted me to find peace and happiness and here I was, a slave to my desires, a slave to my lifestyle. My life was so messed up I knew He would have to fix it; I certainly couldn't.

True Outdoorsman

After I asked God to help me, I went to Biola U. and then on to Reformed Seminary. Not long after I was ordained I went to a Sportsman's Show and found there was a huge demand for the experiences I had growing up in Alaska. There were the same rivers and streams I knew so well. Before I knew it I was in business with financial help from a friend. Our business of providing fishing and hunting focuses on the Creator of our environment. God, is the author of all creation and the author of my salvation.

God has given us many free gifts including nature. The most important one is eternal life. Once we accept Jesus with our hearts we can receive this gift. Will you let Him give you this gift of life and love like I did?

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