Brad Mackay

Life was pretty good. I was at my peak in my sport; I had a great social life. One day, my girlfriend put it to me. She said that she was a Christian and asked me what I thought of God. I told her that I was a Christian too – believed in God and all - but the Bible…

Well, I thought that was just an old book that was out of date and irrelevant to our modern lifestyle.

Really, I'd never even picked up a Bible before. I did, however, believe that the world was created and therefore had to have a creator. I also couldn't believe for a minute that humans came from river sludge or that we were a group of enlightened gorillas.

I decided to see our club chaplain and explain to him what I was thinking. After that, we met quite regularly and looked at what the Bible had to say about various things. After hiding in the back of the church in disguise and meeting regularly with the Rev, I came to know enough about the Bible to start some heavy thinking. I just needed to know beyond a reasonable doubt that the Bible was true.

My favorite verse is John 3:16, "God so loved the people of this world so much that he gave His only Son, so that everyone who has faith in Him will have eternal life and never really die."

After reading literature and listening to what different people had to say, I finally made probably the biggest life changing decision I ever made or will ever make.

At a time when record numbers of people are putting their faith in reincarnation and "vibrating rocks," I'm happy where my soul is.

I realize just how important the Bible is in a Christians life. I try to read it regularly and study it. I try to know more about the history at the times the Bible was written in order to get more of a handle on things and understand what God, through the writers, is trying to say. I need to apply its teachings to my life each day.

Another thing I have discovered is that we think we live in a modern society but we have the same problems and needs today as society had 2000 years ago – murder, greed, starvation. The Bible is definitely relevant for today.

In 1992, I considered giving the Rugby League away. I'd had enough. However, I was encouraged to continue to prove that Christians can achieve as high a standard as those who worship themselves and money.

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