If there is one thing that I dislike it is being called religious .
Religion never saved anyone. Religion causes wars and divides people. Religion gives people false hope.

There came a time in my life when I found out that there was nothing I could do to be saved. Christ had done it all for me on the cross. It was not being religious but having a personal relationship with Christ. I was a student at Stellenbosch and my life was going nowhere. I was pursuing a degree in commerce. I got a very good matric pass with four A's.

In my first year at university I was in the top three in my accounting course. I had success on the rugby field. After representing Western Province at Craven Week I went on to play in the Western Province under 20 side. I had also gained provincial colours in athletics. To all outside observers I had it made.

Then my mother died of cancer during my first year in university. She was a huge influence on my life. She had devoted her life to the church. She was a woman of prayer as well as living a Christ-like life. My father remarried soon afterward. After this my life fell apart. I was filled with bitterness towards my father. I was consumed by my lack of forgiveness. I turned to drink and a
wayward life to blot out my bitterness. I was heading one way, the wrong way.

Then some of my friends got converted and the change in them was absolutely radical. They invited me to a series of meetings and before I knew it I was also born again. I had found not religion but a new way of life. I had entered into a relationship with the Son of God. I didn't get more religious. It just changed the whole direction of my life.

God started to peel away the things that were stopping me from living a full life. The bitterness that had developed towards my father was resolved. I felt privileged that I had the opportunity to find my peace with God. My attitude towards life changed and now we have a great relationship.

Rugby was important and exciting to me. But it had to take second place to serving Jesus Christ. It was a great thrill to be chosen to represent my country for the test against Wales and then the Tri-nations games. But the greatest moment of my life was when I made my decision to follow Christ and dedicate my life to Him. My focus is no longer on rugby and business. It s on God. I live for Him, and because of that I have had success outwardly; but it is only because something significant has happened inwardly.
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