Ken Mitchell played for the Atlanta Falcons. Today, he makes his home in Winter Park, FL.





Ken Mitchel

Here's a question I've asked myself for years. I wonder if you can answer it:

How could a 185-pound walk-on junior, a guy with no previous football experience, ever play linebacker for a major college team and go up against players 240 pounds or more?

You know what? I was that 185-pound player! I hadn't played a single down of organized football in my life. Then, after college something even more impossible happened: I tried out for the Atlanta Falcons and made it. I went on to play three years in the National Football League.

A dream come true, you say? Yes, it was. But for me, pro football was also a nightmare. What saved me from ultimate tragedy is much more remarkable than how I made it in the pros.

Pro football is a lot of what you see on television: It's big crowds, big time excitement, and an incredible rush that comes from winning. But behind the glamour of the game day, I experienced real hurt and pain.

I thought I had it all..., a big car, a nice place to live. These things filled up 99.9 percent of my life. But inside I was an empty man.

Even before I got to the pros, things were bothering me. Everything I was doing was for me. There was no fulfillment. I was going to die and there would be nothing after that. There was no purpose in life.

I might have kept getting more depressed if I hadn't met some teammates who were a lot different than me. They enjoyed life. Football wasn't their whole life. They were living for something more than a paycheck.

I wanted what they had. Several months later, I found out what it was I had been missing. "So this is what life is all about," I thought. For the first time in my life I was content. I still struggled with doing things I knew weren't good for me. But the amazing thing was that the peace I felt inside wasn't something I had to work at.

Recently I've entered some grueling Ironman triathlon races. That's a 2.4 mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride and a 26-mile run all back to back! Sometimes these races are a lot like life; it can feel long, painful, and impossible.

I always thought Christians were weak and needed a crutch. How wrong I was. As much guts and determination as it takes to finish Ironman triathlons, I have found it takes more strength to live as a Christian. But, Christ provides me with all the will, determination and the desire to serve him.

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