Darcy Ewing

Broken and Alone

Three years ago I set a goal for myself...to win the World Championship in Snowmobiling. At the annual press conference weeks before the championship I felt ignored and overlooked by the media despite having 8 world titles and 20 national championships behind me and my resolve was strengthened. I had been thrown off a team for not accepting funding from the alcohol industry, but my family and I decided to do things God's way.

Well, not long after that a rookie driver in a tuneup race lost control of his machine and hit me. I nearly bit off my tongue, lost some teeth, cracked two vertebrae, broke two ribs and half my body swelled up, among other things. My wife called our church and PAO and they prayed.

An Improbable Comeback

I decided my job was to try. If God wanted me to win and have that opportunity to give Him the glory, He would take care of it. I made it to the race and qualified after the four day series, but by Saturday night I had nothing left. My oldest son and I knelt to pray.

Sunday morning the track was rough and officiants warned the racers. In the first start, I was hit. The race was redflagged and we had to restart three times. When they announced the winner, Darcy Ewing, I knelt to pray with a more thankful heart than I have probably ever had. Only then did I get the flag and feel my injuries from that first start.

A Much Greater Comeback

God enabled me to overcome some pretty serious injuries that day, but His Son overcame death for us. He already won the biggest battle ever fought. We, too, need to be prepared spiritually for battle. If I had not been in communication with God, I would not have known what He wanted me to do the day of the race. Jesus is coming again, don't be left on the bench.

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