Mario Jardel Ribeiro is one of the best goal-scorers in the world.

The Brazilian has scored over 100 goals in the Portuguese First Division and won the Golden Shoe as Europe's leading scorer in 1999. He has helped FC Porto to three championships, the Portuguese Cup and Super Cup.

He became a Christian in 1997. It all started when he was invited by Aloisio, another player from Porto, to attend a players Bible study. He sums up his faith, "Today, with Jesus in my life, I have more balance in my family and professional life."

"Before I was a Christian, I knew certain things about God and how to respect my fellow man, but then I discovered through the Bible that I could also have a personal relationship with God. A friend showed me that the emptiness I had in my life, despite all my success, could only be filled by Jesus. Now I know Jesus lives in me and I want to say that God will always receive the glory for my accomplishment."

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