Since I began to play football, I have been striving to become a professional player. After I became a professional, I worked to make the Brazilian national team and the World Cup.

My Christian life started from the moment that my mother accepted Jesus. It was through my mother and her prayers. She never forced us - my brothers and I - to go to church, but one day the Holy Spirit touched me and I came to know the same God as my mother and He changed my life.

It was like the changing of the water into wine. It was a big transformation. I came from a poor family, never had anything. Sometimes I even struggled to have the essentials of life in my own home. Now I see this transformation, where i once had nothing, today i can have everything, but the joy of being alive. Today I am a different person from when I was a child. I am a happy person who has fulfilled his dreams.

The money will finish, the fame will all too soon be forgotten. But God is special. Today God is with me and tomorrow I will live with God in a much better place, a place called heaven.

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength". I can achieve everything because I believe in God and with Him all thins are possible.

Sometimes God allows things to happen in our lives to test us and, mainly, to strengthen our faith. We have to be prepared for the difficult times. It is in those difficult moments that God strengthens me. Man does not live by bread alone but by the word of God. Life does not consist of joys but also of trials. Starting from the moment that these trials arise, I stick closer to God because I know that He strengthens me and my faith increases more and more.

Since I was a child running in the street, with a ball underneath my arm, i have always dreamt of being a professional player. I thank God constantly for having allowed me to fulfill my dream. That motivates me more each time. In life my motivation for living became greater from the moment that I came to know Jesus because He changed me.

Today I know that the word of God tells us that we have to help our neighbors. God brought me to Germany for a purpose: to speak about Jesus. This is my motivation. It is a privilege to have God and to be able to pass on His word to others. He is the God of live, who gives us back happiness, who transforms us and that is my motivation in life.

My ultimate goal is to live with God. When I die my destiny is to have eternal live, life with God.

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