Juan Carlos Valeron plays for Atletico Madrid and is in the Spanish squad. His previous clubs are Las Palmas (his hometown) and Real Mallorca.

"I was a normal lad in that I believed in God like almost the rest of the world. One day I was told about Jesus and started to read the Bible. As soon as I understood the great love God has for me, I accepted the Lord as my Savior without a moment's doubt. Sine that time, so many things have changed. God is very real to me and although at times things may be difficult, Jesus makes them right again. I have given my whole life over to Jesus and I can rest confident of His power. As a sportsman, all I can say is that everything I am I owe to God.

"I would like to encourage all people, young and old, to trust in God because He is good, giving us all that we need through Jesus. I love Psalm 23 because I remember that God is a father that guides us, and Joshua 1:6-9, because it always encourages me to keep on moving forward."

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