Luis Vidigal plays for Napoli in Italy and for Portugal. He is one of five brothers who have played professional football. One of the highlights of his career was playing for Portugal in Euro 2000, especially in the game where Portugal went 0-1 down to England but came back to win 3-2 and progress to the semi-final. Another was to play on the Portuguese team that took fourth place in the 1996 Olympics.

As a successful footballer who seems to have everything, people might ask why he needs Jesus in his life. His answer is interesting.

"I don't believe that anyone has everything. I need Jesus because I believe that my life doesn't finish here in the world, i have a very special place beside Jesus and He is waiting for me."

He is equally clear about the change that becoming a Christian has made in his life.

"The change that Jesus made in my life was complete. Before that I believed that I could do everything by myself. I trusted in my own capabilities to reach my goals whether social or professional, but in reality things did not happen as I wanted the to. Starting from the moment that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior everything improved. Without a doubt my life has been transformed."

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