Ken Flach

1988 Olympic Tennis Doubles Gold Medalist

In 1989, while I was playing in Wimbledon, I learned my best friend from high school and his wife had been instantly killed in a car accident. Their death put me into a contemplative state of mind. Even though my doubles partner and I were in the semifinals, I was not there mentally. I was not able to focus on tennis because I was trying to figure out life and death and the meaning of our existence.

Two weeks later, at the Davis Cup, I was in the same contemplative state. My friend, Andre Agassi, saw me at dinner one evening and invited my wife Sandra and me to attend a Bible study his pastor from Las Vegas was leading. Normally Sandra and I would say "no" when Andre invited us, but on this night we decided to go.

That night Sandra and I learned about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We asked a lot of questions and began to understand that Jesus died on the cross for our sins so we could enter into relationship with God through him. The Bible study came at the right time for both of us. That night we decided to follow Christ. It was amazing because prior to that evening I did not know anything about Jesus. But when I heard Bible verses explaining who he was, I knew it was right to follow him.

After I made the decision I just started crying uncontrollably in front of all the people in the room. I was sitting there trying to wipe my tears away, not fully understanding at all why I was crying, but knowing the moment I let Christ into my life I was changed. He had been there all along knocking at the door of my heart and I finally let him in.

My relationship with Christ has changed my life. It helped me handle losses a lot better when I was playing professionally, and it made me a more sensitive and better husband and father. Sandra and I have experienced a steady confidence that helps us goes through the ups and downs of life, because we now know God is control despite any circumstance we face.

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