Tayo and Lade Akinremi

Nigerian twin sisters Tayo and Lade Akinremi have been to the Olympics (‘96), but it isn't in success that they have learned the most about life. It is through struggles and difficulty that the pair of 400-meter runners say they learn to trust Christ more and more.

"I would say from my own experience the best thing is to depend on God and tell yourself that it is not only when things are working out that God is with you," says Lade. "When I don't win a medal or don't run well, He is still with me. It took me a long time to understand that. I remember the story of David; at age 12 he was anointed to be King, but he still had to fight for the throne.

"I know I am anointed to run, but I still have to work hard at it. And if it does not go well, that just means God is trying to teach me something."

Tayo gave an example. After graduating from Arizona State University, they moved to a different town in Arizona to train under a different coach. They were worried about their finances, their needs for equipment, how they would get medical treatment, if needed, and whether they were doing the right kind of workout. Tayo said they were so concerned that they didn't realize they were putting their own needs before their relationship with the Lord.

"Our pastor pointed this out, and since then, we claimed the peace of Christ and stopped worrying," Tayo says. "We got this great peace and followed what Jesus said, to seek first My kingdom.

"After that, we met a lady who is an excellent 400-meter runner, and she gave us new workouts. Then, she called (a major sports equipment company) and they offered us all of the equipment we needed. Also, a doctor with his own clinic came to us and said he was treat us any time at no charge.

"You must just believe and pray, and if it is in God's will, He will provide!"

Tayo and Lade pray and study the Bible every day. Their relationship with Jesus Christ is more important to them than running.

"The Bible is a guiding light for me," Tayo says. "Each morning I read it, and I observe what it means, and then I feel really confident to go with the day. A lot of people have an emptiness, but Jesus can fill it."

Lade says being a follower of Christ "is a way of living. It's not just something you do when you go to church. It is how I eat, how I sleep, where I go, the TV I watch, the books I read. In everything I ask, ‘Is this what God wants? Is this a thing that will glorify God? Glorifying must be our first goal."

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