Allen James

1992, 1996 USA Racewalker

I experienced a lot of success as a college athlete. I especially excelled in racewalking and made All-American, amongst other significant accomplishments. Life was basically cruising along. One evening a group of teammates and I went out dancing. Out of the blue, one of them suggested we all go to church together the next day. I hadn't really gone before but thought it was a good idea. So, I went and noticed something really different about most of the people at the church. They had something that I didn't seen to have -- a contentment and love in their life. The difference was so clear that I continued to go back to the church. After the fourth visit, I really wanted to know what they had that I didn't. Despite all the success that I thought I had in my life, I realized that contentment and love were missing.

Someone explained to me that what I lacked was a personal relationship with God through his Son Jesus Christ. I learned that I could respond to God's love for me, and the payment Christ made on my behalf when he died on the Cross for my imperfections, by praying and asking him to enter my heart as Lord and Savior. I did that. Ups and downs of life continued, but as a result of my new relationship with God I found I responded to things differently. God had become my foundation and I found circumstances and trials in life could not shake him. That gave me confidence and I hope I needed. It also provided me with a great sense of purpose as I understood that God created me and had a plan for my life.

God has given me life and a constant peace and assurance that I am part of his kingdom.

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