Listen to an interview with Hezekiel Sepeng talking about his Olympic memories.
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Hezekiel Sepeng

In 1993 I attended an athletic meeting in England. One evening whilst getting ready for bed I came across an article on the athlete Kriss Akabusi. In the article he shared how Jesus had changed his life and how he achieved a silver medal in the 400m at the Olympics in 1988. This set me thinking. The next year was a good year. At the Commonwealth Games I won a silver medal and then went on to win a gold medal at the World Championships in Rome. In 1996 I started to train for the Olympics. My training went well and I was feeling good about my prospects.

But I knew there was something missing in my life. In April of that year a member of Athletes in Action met with me and explained to me that even as top athlete I need to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus. He helped me to begin that relationship. I prayed and asked Jesus to come into my life and I asked Him to take control of my life. We meet once a week to study the Bible and to pray. My attitude towards winning now changed. For me it is now a case of just doing my best for the Lord.

Jesus helps me to overcome my fear of losing and gives me the courage to do that which I fear. I am totally contempt in the Lord. I am still growing.

I have learned to accept things the way God wants them to be for me. God is our Savior. He is the Leader of our lives. He makes planes for us. Sometimes He gives, sometimes He takes away what you love, but He will never leave you.

Hezekiel won the silver medal at the 1996 Olympic Games and the silver medal in the 1999 World Championships.

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