Glenn Peroni

The Starters Gun

Sports and the outdoors have been a significant part of my life since very early, so early, in fact, that my dad tells me I could swim before I could walk. My first taste of competition came in soccer and soon I had two State Championships to cherish. Cycling quickly followed and then, in 1984, I entered my first Triathlon. From that point on I was hooked to the thrill and the challenge of the swim, bike, run events. Through the early 90's I became a top competitor in Florida and earned two National Championships. I thrived on the busy life-style and hard work and soon found myself using the physical efforts to mask emotional pains. Although I was a competitive athlete with a great job and supportive family and friends I was spinning my wheels in an effort to find direction, focus, and peace.

In Transition

In the summer of 1995 I realized that my life-style was simply not fulfilling my dreams of a life of peace that I could call upon in any situation. Life was good if training and racing were good and if not, well, I was not happy. My life had become very “conditional” and it was difficult because I knew there was a better way. After a couple of months of soul searching I remembered something my family had told me many times before, “No matter where you go or what you do, God will always welcome you with open arms”. This was all it took for me to get on my knees and ask Jesus to forgive me, to be an active part of my life, and to help me live each day with Him in my heart.

At Every Finish Line

The challenge remains; to be competitive yet cooperative, to be humble and still stand out. And, as with anything in life, I find myself being challenged and pushed to go the extra mile, to make a difference before I finish the race. I now face these challenges with an incredible friend, a friend who guides me to make a helpful difference in the lives of others. My friend's name is Jesus Christ and he is Available and Faithful to be your friend too. As every morning brings new things my way I find that my life has the drive and purpose I had a sincere thirst for all along. And as I face each race, each challenge, I know that at every turn and at every finish line there is a friend who loves me with open arms.

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